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Guideline for invited speakers and oral presentations

To prepare your presentation:

  • It is recommended that each speaker should upload your presentation file to the computer station before your session starts, with a USB storage device or CD/DVD drive.
  • Laptop (Windows OS) is available during a presentation in the session rooms.
    Note: for Mac users, please transfer the presentation files to a Windows-based platform or contact computer staff in advance, if you need an assistance.

 During a presentation:

Presentation period:

   o For invited speakers (30 min), 25 min with 5 min for Q&A

   o For oral presentations (15 min), 10 min with 5 min for Q&A


Guideline for poster presentations

To prepare your posters:

§  The size of poster must not exceed 80 cm x 120 cm vertically (or A0 size).

§  The content must be relevant to the abstract, written in English, and easily read from a distance of 1 meters from the panel.

§  Posters will be displayed on May 25th, 2016 during 3:00-5:00 PM. However, the poster setup can be done from the first day of the conference. Pins and tapes will be provided on site for the poster setup.

§  Please find your abstract code and place your poster on the board provided (your abstract code will appear on the top of the displaying board).

§  The author(s) are recommended to present their posters and discuss their work with interested delegates on the designated date.