Depression And Anxiety Can Cause Dangerous Relationships

When searching for a therapist to treat your friend or loved one with depression, it is important to realize that there are many types of mental health counselors. Tampa Counseling Services in FL is one type of mental health counseling, but not the only type. Other types include marriage and family counseling, and addiction counseling. It is a good idea to consult an experienced professional counselor who has been trained in the field of mental health disorders before beginning treatment.

Counseling Individuals With Depression


The first type of treatment sought by those suffering from anxiety and depression is cognitive behavioral therapy. This form of therapy seeks to treat the entire individual. The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to identify and treat the cause of the anxiety and depression and then create a plan for treatment. Many times, when treating this disorder, the doctor will recommend that the individual seek some type of counseling. Counseling individuals with depression is similar to counseling adults, except that they work to identify and treat the causes of their disorders, not just their symptoms.


In cognitive-behavioral therapy, the counselor will help the patient explore and determine the root cause of their depression. They will teach the individual to be mindful of themselves and others while experiencing their anxiety or depression. For example, when suffering from anxiety and depression, people may worry about speaking in public, making eye contact, and taking action to fix problems. If the individual learns to become aware of these “signs” that indicate their state of mind, then they can learn to be mindful of themselves and others, and they are able to overcome their fears and concerns.


Cognitive behavioral therapy can be very effective for those with mild to moderate anxiety and mild to severe depression. However, those suffering from more severe depression may require more intensive therapy. It is not uncommon for those on the severe end of the spectrum to develop some sort of phobia. This could include a fear of flying, or a fear of confined spaces. While these individuals may feel overwhelmed and unable to function normally within their own homes, they still need help to return to a normal and functional lifestyle.


In the case of teens, there are also many different types of depression that must be handled and overcome. This includes social anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and other forms of mental health disorders. The good news is that there are now many schools of thought and treatments available for dealing with these various forms of depression. Counseling professionals can work with adolescents and parents to develop effective ways to assist in improving life transitions, or addressing depression as a symptom of major life transitions.


Life transitions often cause extreme emotional distress and, depending upon the type of depression a person suffers from, it may be a difficult time for the patient and their families. However, those who suffer from depression and anxiety have the ability to make positive changes in their lives. Those who do not receive the proper support and encouragement when going through these challenging times may never get better, and may even turn to alcohol and drugs to mask their depression and anxiety.

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