How to Properly Prepare Your Boat for Detailing

Every year, there is nearly 300,000 new yachts built and then sold. The boating business has remained popular in this country for many years. If properly maintained, your boat can look good and last quite a while. One aspect of proper boating maintenance is regular boat detailing. Boat owners should schedule a deep clean and fresh water detailing treatment once or twice a year. It is also advisable to schedule a deep clean and fresh water detailing treatment at least once every six months.

The first step in deep clean and exterior boat detailing is washing. Experts recommend washing your boat after every trip or before every time you use it if you regularly use your boat for water sports. Experts recommend using a pH neutral detergent and a high pressure washer for washing your boat because a pressure washer can wash away dirt that gets into the nooks and crevices of your boat as you’re washing it.

Exterior boat detailing involves washing the outside of your boats. This is where experts differ from each other. Some people prefer washing their boats on the shore to make sure nothing gets into the boat. On the other hand, others believe if you’re going to leave your boat at the dock all day, you might as well wash it with a high pressure washer. In any case, the goal is to wash your boats exterior to get out any dirt or grease that may be stuck inside.

There are different types of equipment and chemicals used in boat detailing. Most people prefer using an electric or cordless washer for boats with large amounts of dirt and grease. However, most boats with a vinyl interior and plastic deck have the temptation to build up grease over time. If this is the case, it is wise to use a soap and water and a gentle dish washing brush to scrub away any grime that has formed on your boats exterior.

While most people will just pick up their garden hose and spray the dirt and grime off of their boats, this isn’t always the best option. Using a power washer to wash your boat is much more effective because not only does it clean the exterior, it also rinses off the dirt and grime leaving it virtually clean and dry. Therefore, many boat detailing experts prefer using a power washer over a power washer and a strong, rinsing detergent to rinse the boat off.

Boat detailing experts also recommend deep clean deep conditioning and washing of the interior. Deep clean deep conditioning is used to remove and prevent any future staining and damage from occurring to the interior and exterior of your boat. Many times damaged seats, upholstery and carpeting from years of being exposed in the elements can be removed and properly cleaned to prevent any form of staining and damage from occurring. After a thorough deep clean, most detailing professionals recommend a layer of protection like a marine grade, or semi-permanent protectant/matting, which is applied to the interior and exterior of the boat.

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