Pressure Washing for Pool Decks and Patios

A pool is a great way to cool off and relax, but it’s also an expensive responsibility. Pools require a lot of cleaning to keep them looking great, and if your home’s deck around the pool gets dirty and grimy, it can become a hazard for slips and falls. Keeping your patio and pool area clean can protect you, your guests, and children from health hazards like algae, mildew, and dust build-up, as well as reduce the risk of injuries and property damage.

The best solution for a clean and safe pool area is regularly scheduled power washing. Professional Annandale power washing company uses a combination of chemicals and high-pressure water to remove dirt, debris, oil, and other contaminants from surfaces. This is more effective than using a garden hose, and avoids cracking brittle areas and stripping paint or stain from the surface of concrete. In addition to cleaning the surface of your pool deck, a power wash can also be used on your driveway and other exterior areas of your property. Oil and other automotive fluids are very corrosive to concrete, asphalt, and pavers, so regular power washing is necessary for the long-term preservation of your property.

Before attempting to scrub or pressure wash your pool deck, it’s a good idea to sweep away as much dirt and debris as possible. This will prevent these contaminants from diluting your cleaning solutions and being ground into the material when you rinse or scrub. Ideally, you should choose a soft wash system for your pressure washer to ensure that the water flows at the right level and doesn’t cause any damage.

Keeping your patio and pool clean can help prevent algae, mold, and mildew that may grow in the cracks of your deck or between pavers. These contaminants can contaminate your pool and turn crystal clear water murky and unusable. A sanitizer can be added to the water after the pool has been cleaned to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms.

A clean and sanitized pool can add to your home’s value and increase the enjoyment you and your guests will get from it. To keep your home’s pool in peak condition, it is recommended to have it professionally cleaned and sanitized every 2-5 years. A sanitized pool will also last longer, and reduce the frequency of costly repairs to equipment such as the filter, pump, and motor. Regular sweeping and rinsing with a garden hose spray attachment can greatly increase the time between professional pressure washing services.

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