Finding a Reliable Partner for Piling Wraps

Piling wraps provide a physical barrier against marine borer worms that can degrade dock pilings over time. They also offer resistance against water, harsh weather conditions, and UV damage.

The present invention provides a protective wrap system for pilings and poles, and for retrofit or new construction. The wrap includes an inner seal layer, foam conformation layers and a compression shell.

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Choosing a trusted partner for piling wraps is important because marine borers can damage dock pilings over time. Piling wraps prevent this damage by acting as a barrier against the organisms. They are made from durable materials and infused with anti-fouling and anti-boring chemicals to further deter the worms.

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Piling wraps help shield your dock’s pilings from the marine borers that can degrade them over time. When correctly installed, they can help extend the lifespan of your dock as well as improve its stability and aesthetics.

The presently-preferred best mode embodiment of the inventive multi-layer piling and pole wrapping system consists of two layers: a seal layer that is wrapped around a dock piling or pole, from an upper datum line 13 down to some 6-18” below a mud or soil line 18, and a foam gasket layer that is placed over the seal layer.

The insulating, watertight sleeve is heat-shrunk to the piling at a lumber yard and provides superior protection against UV damage, moisture, and marine borers. Additionally, some piling wraps are infused with chemicals that further deter marine borers and protect the pile from the burrowing activity of the worms. The wrap is also easy to inspect, which can help identify signs of borer infestation and damage.

Piling wraps protect dock pilings from Gulf Coast Boring Worms, protecting the health and longevity of the structure. They also help to shield the dock from the elements, such as wind, rain, and harsh sun exposure that can cause damage over time.

The presently preferred best mode embodiment of the inventive piling wrapping system includes a seal layer, a gasket layer and an outer compression layer. The seal layer is a sheet of woven, impregnated or coated nylon or polyester with thickness on the order of about 15 mil to 40 mil or more, depending on service requirements and condition of the piling or pole.

The seal layer is wrapped tightly around the inner circumference of the piling or pole. The gasket layer is then layered over said seal layer, overlapped and ratcheted tightly to itself and secured with tape or glue prior to the application of the outer compression layer. A cap is then applied over the top or base (butt end) of the inventive piling or pole wrap, where desired.

Piling wraps, such as those from DuroSleeve, provide a physical barrier between your piling and marine borers. This helps prevent borers’ burrowing and damage that can weaken the structural integrity of your dock pilings.

In a presently-preferred 2-layer system of the invention, the first seal wrap comprises a flexible, strong and impervious sheet of plastic or polyolefin that essentially starves marine organisms of oxygen. The wrap extends above the water surface, preferably at least 2′ above the high-water mark, to 6-18′ or more below the mud-line (or soil line).

The presently preferred method includes a second layer of a more rigid material than the seal wrap to protect the base of the pole or piling. This compression cover layer or shell can be made of galvanized or stainless steel, copper, or a plastic such as polyolefin. The cap may extend up to, or even around, the mud-line of the piling or pole, and is affixed by means of a short (4” long) un-grooved piling or pole retainer bar 52 made of 1/2” thick by 1 1/2” wide UHMWPE and affixed with stainless steel carriage through-bolts and washers.

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